Friday, July 28, 2017

Problem Solving

Here is a maths problem we solved by working together in groups:

I own 5 cars and a very large garage. 
If I can see 2 cars parked outside the garage, how many are inside? 

We used pictures and toy cars to help us to solve the problem. We talked about the problem with our group and this helped us if we were feeling stuck.

Next, we found out how many different ways we could arrange the cars inside and outside the garage.

Rata Wha's Supermarket

We turned our classroom into a supermarket for a morning. We had to work together to set up the shop and make sure we had prices for everything. Then we got to take turns being shop assistants and customers.

Here are some stories we wrote about our shop:

"Yesterday we made a supermarket. It was awesome. I love it. I was happy. After the shop was finished I was happy. I wish it was a real shop at school."
By Murdoch

"We turned our class into a shop. Then we played with the shop."
By Ben

"Yesterday we made a supermarket in our class. I bought nappies. I bought yoghurt. I bought them with my money. It was amazing."
By Georgia